Email Marketing.
No Assembly Required.

Influencing BUYERS and WINNING the Inbox. During key buying times, Pibal sends targeted and relevant emails based on the actions of your buyers & influencers – both online and offline. Once those buyers show interest, Pibal's sales logic notifies that buyer's sales rep or sales person in real time.

  • Step One: Design & Build

    Design emails, landing pages, lists and logic around markets,buying style and lines.

  • Step Two: Send & Connect

    Find new buyers and drive your contacts to your booth, event or website.

  • Step Three: Leads & Reporting

    With advanced logic, we can send relevant leads real time. Get data on campaign effectiveness, and know where to improve

See how it all will work for you.

As with most tools, a seemingly simple email can get complex quickly. With Pibal, it is simply beautiful.

Design. Lists building. List cleaning. Develop content. Landing pages. A/B testing. Responsive design. The list goes on...


How does it work?

YOUR CONNECTION TO SALES: Most email systems end when you hit send. With Pibal, that’s where we get started.

Pibal connects your leads to your website and then reacts to your potential buyer's actions. One of the biggest hassles of Market is getting interested buyers into the hands of the right sales person or sales rep. Pibal's logic engine uses your buyer's actions - like registering with you at a Market or visiting your website - and notifies that buyer's rep in real time.


Request your FREE DEMO now to see how your products look in a beautiful, response email and landing page campaign. See what happens when a buyer shows interest in a product category.